Monday, April 6, 2009


Family, work, playing with the kids, visiting friends, training & racing, is busy. Hence the two and a half month "sabbatical" from blogging. Many people ask - both at work and in my personal life - where I find the time to do everything. I call it being efficient. Others (and I would agree with them) call it ADHD.

I've done two races since my last blog -

Chuckanut 50K where I got a PR

and just this past weekend,

Peterson Ridge Rumble (~55K) also another PR:

Both are really great races, run on great courses and organized by two (of many) of ultrarunning ambassadors - Krissy Moehl and Sean Meissner.

I felt great at both races with much improvement over last year. Not sure why. Am I fueling properly? Am I training better? Do I now know how to suffer more? Yes is probably the right answer to all of these questions.

To be honest, I really don't run all that much. Other than one week in mid-March, I haven't run more than 3x in a week since August. Excluding a week in which a race falls into, on average I run ~5hrs per week. Given this, I'm very pleased with my race results.

My next race is the Zane Grey 50miler: . I'll be running with with my buddy Trevor. Then the following day, we will be running the Grand Canyon - an adventure just the 2 of us will be doing. Others refer to it as the Rim to Rim to Rim run. It is a ~45miles. Good training for Big Horn 100 in June.

Gotta go end this blog a little short.......a sick 5 month old is needing my attention.

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William Swint said...

Nice run at the Rumble. Good to see you again.