Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hagg Lake 50K

Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd write this.

I'm sitting here, gazing at the computer screen, collecting my thoughts on the race. All I can think of right now are of my aching knees.....which are swollen and in more pain than usual..........................................

OK, back to writing. Here is a very brief summary of the race.
It was a great day for a race - the weather was perfect and I felt great. Having posted a pretty good time at the Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 50K about a month ago, I was hoping to do the same at Hagg. Last years race ended in disaster (for me). I hardly slept the night before, having returned late that evening from a week-long work related trip in Atlanta. I really wasn't in the mood for to race, but did so anyways and it ended with me not finishing the 50K.

This year, the out and back part of the course had my legs aching once hitting the trail around the lake. Seems like my quads always take a beating on sustained, steep downhills (an area of improvement for me). The first loop around the lake went well - even though I took a spill about 5 miles from the start/finish line. Finished the first loop in 2hrs 11min.

As the second loop started, I knew immediately it was going to be a long 14 miles around the lake. I thought I had been taking in plenty of fluids, but had only polished off one water bottle. My legs were beginning to cramp so I ate one Luna Bar and downed my entire water bottle as I strolled into the 1st aid station - about 5 miles into the loop. It seemed to help a little but for the most part I settled into my own world of pain. I was wishing I had my I-Pod.

Crossing one of the many bridges on the course, I took another spill. I layed there for a brief moment, laughing at myself.

The several hundred 25K participants had done their loop and it showed in the trail conditions. The trail was far more muddy this time around than the first.

At the last aid station, I again refilled my water bottle and ate a few slices of oranges and bananas. I was now walking up the steep inclines and had to walk part of a road section. It was good to see the "1 mile to go" sign. I picked up the pace and stumbled into the finish line in 4hrs 23min. It was good enough for 10th overall. Results here:


Trevor Garner said...

You "stumbled" into the finish in 4:23?! That's a pretty respectable time to "stumble" in at! Ouch about the knees though. You think some foam roller therapy would work? Considering getting one for myself. I've heard good things. Better take care of the knees now because of what they've got coming their way this summer! Good job on the run.

olga said...

Hello, guy in a white shirt! I've seen you around:) Great run you had, congrats, and thanks for smiling for the picture!

William Swint said...

Trevor, it was nice to meet you. See you at another one in the future.

Trevor Garner said...

Here's a great deal on a high-quality bivy:
I've read really good things about the EVent fabric. I'll probably be getting one of these in within the next week before the sale ends or they sell out.