Thursday, August 16, 2012

7.5 Month Recap

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Life has been busy lately…family and work commitments. 

Since early spring, I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain my first sponsor – Massage to the Max.  I’ve been seeing Jacquelyn for the past 6 months and I can say without a doubt that my twice monthly massages has greatly helped me maintain a healthy and injury-free body.  I feel really blessed for this support.  If you want a great massage, please see Jacquelyn @       

Capitol Peak 50 Miler
I slowly built my mileage back up and found myself on the starting line of the Capitol Peak 50 miler in late April.  Even though I wasn’t in great shape, I gave it my all and was able to nab 3rd place honors.  Great course. Great volunteers. Great racing.  I was lucky enough to run with my good friend – Nick Triolo - till mile 25.  Nick subsequently won the race in a time that shows he’s on par for a great race at Western States.

McDonald Forest 50K:
Two weeks out from Capitol Peak, I raced McDonald Forest 50K.  I signed up at the last minute, not sure if I would have the legs to get myself through in good time.  Well, as it turned out, I was right.  My legs were shot from Capitol Peak and a hard weekend of training the weekend before. However, somehow I managed to eek out a personal record (PR) by a mere 17 seconds!  Again, Nick won this race, showing that his training is coming along nicely. 

Western States (pacing):
I had the pleasure – and honor - of pacing Nick at Western States from Rucky Chucky to the finish.  He fought like a tiger and finished strong, placing 34th overall in a time of 18hrs 50mins – a personal record in the 100miler for Nick by 7+ hours.  It was a great weekend spent with Nick’s family and close friends.     

White River 50 Miler:
I raced White River with my twin brother, Thad.  Miles 0-30 were great.  Miles 30-46 sucked, as I faded from 9th to 22nd overall.  Rebounded for miles 46-50.  22nd overall in 8hrs 12mins.  Some times you have good races.  Other times…well, not so much.  Thad had a great race in 9hrs 45mins. 

It’s been a busy summer.  Circumnavigating Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, an overnight backpacking trip with my son (his first)…..and eventually spending weekends at our newly built beach house at Oceanside!  Now I’m gearing up for a little race I’m putting together -