Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nothing in particular

Capital Peak race went well. Really enjoyed the course and what it offered...steep ascents/descents, lots of mud, stream running/crossings, etc. Thanks to all the participated and volunteered! Results are here:

Ran a tough 22+mile trail in the Coast Range with Angela yesterday. It was my first time running in the coast range...hard to believe since we've had a family vacation home in Oceanside before I was born!!

In a few weeks I'll know if I get into Hardrock 100. I've got a backup - Tahoe Rim Trail 100 - in the event my name doesn't get pulled in the lottery.

I signed up "local" (southern Oregon) 100 miler - Pine to Palm - in mid-September. I'm excited to be apart of a race in its inaugural year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cold, wet and snow on the Wildwood Trail

Ran the complete length of the Wildwood Trail (30+ miles) with Nelson. We started in a drizzle as the temperature gauge on my Prius read 34 degrees. The rain increased soon after we started and never let up. Snow covered much of the trail - although it was rapidly melting due to the rain. Nelson and I split up at mile 16. I wasn't fueling properly and the last number of miles were a bit of a struggle. I finished right at 5 hours. When we got back to my car, the temperature gauge had ticked-up to a wopping 37 degrees! Nelson and I was the coldest/wettest run either of us had done in recent memory.