Sunday, January 18, 2009

PR at Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass

Trevor rolled into Hillsboro late Friday night after having been bumped from 2 flights in Seattle. We were headed up to Washington State to run the Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 50K. It is a low-key event with no entry fee but a donation to support a good cause. I haven't been running much (maybe 20-30 miles tops per week) over the past few months due to my IT band. I wasn't sure how I would do over the 30+/- miles.
To cut to the chase.....the race/course were great. It consisted of two loops of ~15 miles. All of it was runnable...and most of it single track!! Even though we ran in mud (and water) for some of the course, it was fast! The first loop took 2hrs 3min. The 2nd loop took 2hrs 13 min (we were at the only aid station between the 1st/2nd loops for ~5 minutes).
I was extremely happy with my overall time of 4hrs 20min -- a PR at this distance by 25 minutes! Not bad for very little running. It was great running with Trev again. He too finished in the same time. It's nice running with a good friend with equal running speed.
My IT band and quads are a little sore today. Went to the gym early this morning to remove the kinks and rode the stationary bike for 1hr. Felt great.

Next race - Hagg Lake 50K - mid February.