Friday, June 26, 2009

2 for 2 - Big Horn 100

After having completed the race a week ago, I've had a chance to think about it. Overall, I'm happy with my results. Having run only 4 times in the 6 weeks leading up to the race, I can't complain.

The course was beautiful - unusual rock formations, wild flowers, green prairies, etc. The aid stations were well spaced and stocked with an incredible selection of goodies. The volunteers were great!....always asking if one needed something. The pancakes at Foot Bridge and the quesadillas at Porcupine were fantastic!!

I definitely felt much better here at Big Horn than I did at Wasatch last year. I was eating and drinking more regularly.

The weather cooperated. It was actually pretty hot (compared to Oregon weather) the last 10 miles - once dropping into the canyon and on the home stretch to Dayton.

Trevor G. ran a good race - finishing in under 27 hours. Mike finished just under 32 hours.

I'm greatful for my father for crewing me again at this hundred. I sure do enjoy having him there for support. His willingness to stay out in the cold and up all night is great! I'm also greatful for Melissa and Mike getting me out the door at Porcupine. My ankle was dreadfully painful but glad they were there to get me refocused.

My blisters are on the mend as well as my ankle. What is up next one may ask? Not sure. The John Muir Trail is still on the calendar. Just not sure if my ankle is up for a 220 mile jaunt through the High Sierra. If not JMT...well there is always Headlands 100, Leadville 100 or just some adventure that I could conjure up in my mind that could be pretty cool (Wonderland Trail? N. Cascades NP trail run? Olympic NP run?....the possibilities are endless here in the NW).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Horn 100

I'm all packed and ready to hit the road early tomorrow to head to Wyoming for the Big Horn 100. My Dad is supporting me again at another 100. He does a great job and it appears he enjoys it (at least I think he does....I trust he would tell me).
I'm lucky that I'm running at all. Thought I had a stress fracture in my ankle...after a number of diagnostic tests, it appears just an overuse injury. Haven't run much in the past 4 weeks -- longest run was 2.5hrs. The ankle didn't bother me too much riding the bike...but cycling isn't the same as trail running.
I'm sure I'll have a post-Big Horn blog. Until next time.......