Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mt Hood 50 Mile Race Report

Not interested in writing much at this moment. It's unlikely that I'll write a more indepth report in the coming days/weeks ahead.

Had a great time meeting new people and racing against great (and fast) friends.

Recap of race:
Great 1st half that seemed a bit fast but went with it. Last 22ish miles could've been better.....cramps and stomach issues. Ate a meager 3 GUs, 6 orange wedges and 6 Coke/Sprite mini-cups.

4th overall in a time of 7hrs 2mins. Thanks Todd for putting on a great race. A big thanks to all the volunteers for making this event possible.

I'm most impressed with my twin brother for finishing his first ultra. His training ground being the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. Great job Thad!!


Brendon said...

Trev...been silently following your blog for a bit. Was good to find you online!

Love the race reports, keep 'em coming. Read Yassine's report and saw that he linked you, too. 4th is a fantastic showing, esp considering stomach issues!

I've been training...doing my first half marathon in July with Troy L., and Ron H.. Maybe Marty G, too. Hoping to bump up to 50k after that, so maybe I'll see you at a race sometime!

Trevor said...

Brendon! Wow, its been a long time! How's life?! Great to see that you are running. Say hi to Troy, Ron and Marty.
Yassine is an animal. That dude can run! Watch for Nick T. as well....that "kid" is getting faster and faster as the weeks go by.

Joe Kleffner said...

Another race, another strong day. Your consistent training pays off. Great result for an off day...what's next?
PS. Couldn't stay to see your bro finish--give him my congrats. Nothing easy about running 50 miles. Very impressive.