Thursday, June 9, 2011


Much time has passed since my last posting. I tend not to write when I'm injured, hence the hibernation. A month before the start of the HURT 100 I got injured. It was an exacerbation of my injury from Pine 2 Palm. What was supposed to be a 4-5 hour run turned into a 2 hour run with a 3 mile walk back to the car. I pretty much didn't run for about 4 months.

It would've been nice to have run HURT...and spend some time with my wife without the kids (the trip was supposed to have been a "delayed" 10-year anniversary trip). With a cancelled trip to Hawaii, I sunk my time and energy (and money) into a major remodel. (The "alternate" 10 year anniversary gift. In my mind, Christy got a great gift. She thinks so too.) With the help from family and friends (William, Jeremy and Joe), I finished the remodel in about 2 months. What a person can accomplish when one isn't training!!

Over the past few months I've put some consistent mileage on the legs. This past week was a big week - at least for me - which consisted of running 85 miles in 4 days and biking 45. I've never been a mega-mile person. Actually, this is the biggest training week I've ever had. So with some consistent mileage behind me, I figured I needed to see how "fit" I really am, so I signed up for the Beacon Rock 50k this Sunday. Looks to be a good course with some good elevation gain.

No matter what the outcome of the race is, I'm just happy to be back running again. I'm certain you will see a grin from ear to ear throughout the race.

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Joe Kleffner said...

I think you have handled the last six months very well. It's not easy to not be able to do what you love doing! The rest and productivity outside of training will pay off in ways you haven't even realized yet.

Glad you are again training and racing. It will be nice to see you standing at the starting line again.

And keep writing. I think you have a lot to share.