Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Short Race Report

I'm going to spare every one all the details....just don't feel like taking the time to write a full report. It was a great course in a beautiful area. It was my first 100 (out of the 4 total) that actually went pretty well...all things considering (i.e. heat/altitude). I fueled and hydrated well.

The aid stations were fantastic - most noteably Tunnel Creek and Hobart. The volunteers were incredible!! Thanks to Erik Skaden for the positive words and getting my out of Diamond Peak (mile 80) quickly. You walking with me those few hundred meters out of the aid station got my head back in the race.

I finished 11th overall (10th male) in a time of 25hrs 5min. I'm grateful for my family to be there to support me. It was a pleasure running with my twin brother - Thad - the last 7+ miles. He met me at the last aid station - Snow Valley Peak. It was big a surprise seeing him up there since he and my Dad miscalculated when I was to come in at Diamond Peak. He definitely pushed me those last miles. I didn't walk more than a few minutes.

Most importantly, I'm ever so blessed to have a wife who supports me in these endeavors.

(at the finish)

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