Sunday, August 9, 2009

When Things Don't Go as Planned...

Nelson and I completed 60+/- miles of the 106. My ankle acted up about 3 hours east of Timberline Lodge. To avoid doing damage, I decided to forgo the last part of the adventure. It was a great trip - with some light drizzle/thick fog in the night to full-on sunshine in the early morning hours once higher up on the mountain. The trail wasn't in the best of conditions - lots of downed trees, a downclimb/detour of the Eliot River, etc (i.e. getting off course) - so moving wasn't as fast as expected. Thanks to my Dad for picking us up at Timberline Lodge, picking up the drop box at Lolo Pass and taking us to Cascade Locks where our cars were located.

Here are some pics:

A few miles from Cascade Locks
Lolo Pass - the drop box
Early morning hours - SW corner of Hood
many stream crossings - N. side of Hood
many tree crossings
self potrait - NE side
me - N. side

Nelson - N. side

Nelson - NE side

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