Saturday, December 13, 2008

Run in the Gorge

Got a call late in the week from my friend Trevor that he was going to be in P-town. He was able to get some time away from family so we decided to go for a long run in the Gorge (our families really do put up with our addiction for adventure). He came over Saturday evening for some good pizza and beer...and to meet the family.

The alarm went off at 5am to make the 1.5 hour drive to the trailhead. Here is Trevor's blog - - with pics from the run. It was a great loop with all that one could ask for: good company, steep ascents and descents, good mileage, mud, rain, rain...and...did I mention rain? The last 10 or so miles, I was soaked (and cold) to the core. There wasn't one dry part on my body. I left my rain jacket at home..thinking that is was going to be a relatively dry run. At times along the trail, I thought we were running in the middle of a creek. There was so much water! The last 8 miles, my IT band started to act up making it for a relatively painful finish. With all my training for Wasatch and the countless adventures over the past year, I've been blessed with no injuries.

We arrived at the car, 6.5 hours after starting. We piled into the car, turned on the heat full blast and made our way back to Portland. Thanks Trev for the great run!

Since last Sunday, I haven't run a single mile....and I'm going crazy. I'm wanting to get my IT band healed for the coming year. Plan is to take 2 weeks off from running!!! Over the past year I've realized how much I REALLY enjoy long distance trail running. It is an outlet for me and I believe I'm a better father and husband when I am able to run. For the most part, running is a healthy activity (one could dispute running a 100miles is healthy....I wouldn't disagree with you). However, we all have ways of dealing with stress, busy lives, etc. Running is my way of dealing with a busy life. If it calms the mind and soul and makes you a better person....then what could be wrong with that? So over the past 5 days I've been riding the bike or lifting weights at the gym.

I sit at the kitchen table writing this...looking outside at the dark, cold day ahead. The forcast is for snow here in P-town (haven't had a good winter storm in about 4 years) and cold temperatures. Maybe it is a good time to hang-up the trail running shoes for a few weeks...........

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